About Mia Royce Physiotherapy



  • Mia focuses on quick pain relief

  • To encourage self-management of a disorder

  • Prevention rather than cure

  • Rehabilitation and exercise is Mia’s focus

  • Latest up to date technology and techniques


We aim to relieve pain, restore movement, strength, stability & flexibility to enable individuals to return to normal function.


Following graduation in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) Mia Royce worked in private practice with a large sports case load. With over twenty years of clinical experience and eighteen years with a rehabilitation gym, the business focuses on helping people find a long term solution for chronic conditions rather than a short term fix.


Mia Royce specializes in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries and rehabilitation techniques. Mia’s focus is on exercise and rehabilitation to find a long term solution to a client’s problem. The most common complaints treated include back and neck pain, sports injuries, women’s health complaints and incontinence.


Mia Royce completed a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) in 1995 and Masters in Sports Physiotherapy in 1998. Mia completed the four levels of training with DMA Pilates. Mia is currently enrolled in a Master’s of Women’s Health and is completing a certificate 4 in weight loss management.


Pilates rehabilitation is offered throughout the year in terms corresponding with the school year. An individual assessment is required before attending classes and individual sessions are also offered. If the rehabilitation is deemed medically necessary, the cost is claimable from private health funds. Consultations can be claimed through workers compensation, Department of Veterans Affairs, Medicare plus program (with a referral from a GP) and private health insurance.